Founded by VNU and Catch Media, Shanghai Charity Foundation's "China Charity Round Table" special fund aims to promote the sustainable development of China's charitable undertakings and plays an active and important role in practice.

In order to contribute to the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development of the construction of China, VNU is also a member of Alashan SEE Ecology Association, which is not only supporting the annual financial, but also setting up an internal volunteer team, and having actively undertaken some organizational work in the Shanghai center of Alashan.

As a professional exhibition organizer of the construction industry, VNU is using its own resources, jointly with entrepreneurs from all walks of life in urban construction, launched the "Green Home" Eco-city Special Fund to promote the concept and technology of sustainable development of the construction industry. At the end of 2015, as an important launcher and sponsor, VNU and many exhibition organizations jointly organized the "Forum of Future Leaders of China's Exhibition Industry" in the form of crowd-creating, crowd-planning and crowdsourcing to promote the integration of industry, education and research in China's Exhibition Industry in an innovative and pragmatic way.

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