In recent years, China's exhibition service industry has grown at a rapid rate, and Shanghai has become the city with the largest number of exhibitions and exhibition area in the country. At the same time, the industry has brought unprecedented talent demand, and the highly mobile label is a difficult time for the industry. Focusing on the exhibition industry and the status quo of talents, based on VNU’s own resources and advantages, we set up an exhibition academy to directly meet the talent needs of the exhibition industry.


We believe that it is necessary to solve the shortage of personnel in the exhibition industry, especially the pain points of the lack of high-level composite talents. The education should go first. There is an urgent need to start with three types of people: educators, government policy makers and a new generation of practitioners. Especially in the next decade, the post-90s generation of industry elites will embark on the industry stage and be the mainstream role. If these young people can understand the development of the exhibition industry, it will be very beneficial to the development of the industry.


Therefore, through gathering the top experts, entrepreneurs, and educational resources at home and abroad, exhibition academy integrates and builds high-end professional education platforms in the industry. It is dedicated to fostering professional and outstanding talents in the entire industry chain of the exhibition industry, thereby enhancing the cultural quality and professionalism of the entire exhibition industry, to provide the solution of pain points in the industry of high-end professional international talent.


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