Lead Marketing is a new efficiency enhancement means aimed at creating an ultra-popular booth for exhibitors. It enables the organizers to effectively help exhibitors to expand their brand display effect and maximize the value of marketing by offering professional and customized services and integrating all of their personal connections. It also helps exhibitors arrange the cumbersome and time-consuming invitation to some extent. As early as in 2011, VNU won the UFI Marketing Award for its marketing services program.


The essence of Lead Marketing——Affect all who can influence

Let us share some data and concepts with you.

After verification, a full booth can attract up to 300% of visitors compared to an empty booth. Statistics show that to obtain a full booth, you need at least 1.5 customer/business connections per square meter. Therefore, a busy booth is the key to successful participation.


One by one invitation

The organizer's professional phone invitation team will initiate a one by one invitation to the exhibitors' target customers. During the process, the exhibitors will actively provide exhibitors with exhibit information and help the audience complete the pre-registration. The badge will be exchanged on-site for free and the customer will be invited directly to the exhibitor booth! Help exhibitors build connections and expand their influence!


Customized promotion

Prepare exclusive business invitation letters, booth electronic signatures and Wechat invitation letters for exhibitors, which is conducive to exhibitors to maximize booth information. Through the exclusive exhibitor's invitation code, visitors can register and the information will be directly included in the exhibitor's name, which will effectively help exhibitors build new customer groups!


VIP courtesy

Due to the invitation of the exhibitors, the audience will directly get a VIP badge to visit and have a chance to receive hosting from the Hosted Buyer.


Excellent case——R+T Asia

Launch multi-channel audience invitations from exhibitors, associations, audiences, and media to enhance the quality and quantity of professional visitors.

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