InnovAction, in fact, is a combination of words, Innovation + Action. The concept was first proposed by VNU, which aims to inspire exhibitors to showcase the latest and most competitive frontier products at the show which serves as a communication platform, and to make the show an annual new product release event. Exhibitors can present their latest products before and during the show for a maximum exposure of their brand through high-quality promotion resources and channels provided by the organizers such as a pre-show online new product system and a mid-show new product display area, while visitors can get timely information on new products of major brands before the show to vote for the new products of their interest. This will also help them identify targeted products and prospective exhibitors and more efficiently arrange on-site visits in advance.

Excellent case —— DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR

In order to better display the beautiful and connotative new flooring products in the InnovAction zone, three areas have been set up on the spot: the new display area for floor materials, the concept room for the floor material installation, and the video play area, utilizing physical objects, presenting in reality, the peculiar device and ground material analysis video help the audience to understand the latest products in a four-dimensional way of seeing, touching, listening and thinking.

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